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Brisbane Dog Trainer and Dog Behaviourst Shannon Kirwin with hewr rescue dog Parker.

Training Director - Shannon Kirwin

A Furever Life Canine Training. A Community dedicated to all things dog was founded by Shannon Kirwin.  ​Shannon is an experienced dog behaviourist and the training director at A Furever Life Canine Training. 


Shannon has worked for over a decade as a dog trainer, and is a recognised expert in her field. She has featured on the Ray Hadley Morning Show (Rated number one in Sydney since 2004, and is now heard every weekday morning on 4BC in Brisbane.) as well as in various other media publications such as the Courier MailThis Dogs Life, Quest Community News, and Chatter Source.

Shannon is a passionate educator and speaker on all things dog. Working with rescue organisations, and with two rescues of her own, it was there she identified the lack of accessible resources and support for owners and their pets. With an estimated population of 4.8 million pet dogs in Australian homes, there are countless more sitting in shelters and pounds, waiting patiently for a family to call their own.​

With a Positive First approach to training, and her core values of Friendship, Understanding, and  Responsibility. Shannon is committed to enriching the lives of dogs as well as educating and providing support to owners and the community.


Her years of experience with the rehabilitation of rescued and surrendered animals is notable. Shannon is dedicated to improving your relationship with your dog, helping you to develop a deeper understanding and bond between you and your dog based on clear communication and mutual respect.

At 'A Furever Life' we aim to build a community that will support and shape the doggy world of tomorrow. Providing a forum where owners can swap information on all things dog. Access helpful training tips and advice on doggy behaviour. Find a dog friendly park where their furry family can stretch their legs, and help find forever homes for the hundreds of dogs cooped up in pounds and shelters around the nation. 

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An A Furever Life Canine Training dog trainer shaking hands with her rescue dog.

Dog Trainer - Natasha Velvet

Natasha began her dog training journey, as a volunteer at her local animal shelter. Prompted by her love of dogs and the desire to contribute to animal welfare, her passion for understanding dog behaviour developed resulting in being offered a position at the shelter the following year.

With 7 years of experience working with dogs in shelters and boarding kennels, Natasha is a confident trainer experienced with dogs of varying breed, energy levels and temperament. With advanced knowledge in addressing problem behaviours such as leash reactivity, foundation obedience skills and confidence building in fearful dogs, Natasha has a knack for preventative training and puppy development.

Natasha is a qualified trainer, completing her certification with the National Dog Trainers Federation, Australia. She continues to develop her skills and knowledge in all aspects affecting dog behaviour with the emphasis on strengthening the relationship between dogs and their owners. 

As an avid foster carer, Natasha has cared for a variety of dogs with different medical and behaviour needs. Natasha’s rescue dog Wally plays an important role in the rehabilitation work she conducts with fosters dogs placed in her care. His calm and balanced influence has helped both dogs and human alike. Natasha and Wally participating for two two years in the Shared Reading Program for Primary School students.

Natasha is a trainer of many talents. She is a qualified teacher ( RAD ballet ) working for 14 years as an educator. Her training and experience instructing  both children and adults, plays an integral role in her ability to help people and their dogs better communicate and strengthen their bond.