Training Director - Shannon Kirwin

A Furever Life Canine Training. A Community dedicated to all things dog was founded by Shannon Kirwin. A committed trainer, certified by the National Dog Trainer Federation of Australia, who spent tireless hours working in the shelter environment, saddened by what she saw. ​

With two rescues of her own,  it was there she identified the lack of accessible resources and support for owners and their pets. With an estimated population of 4.8 million pet dogs in Australian homes, there are countless more sitting in shelters and pounds, waiting patiently for a family to call their own.​

With a balanced approach to training, and her core values of Friendship, Understanding, and  Responsibility. Shannon is committed to enriching the lives of dogs as well as educating and providing support to owners and the community.  

Shannon has been involved with dogs all of her life. Her years of experience with the rehabilitation of rescued and surrendered animals is notable. Shannon is dedicated to improving your relationship with your dog, helping you to develop a deeper understanding and bond between you and your dog based on clear communication and mutual respect.

At 'A Furever Life' we aim to build a community that will support and shape the doggy world of tomorrow. Providing a forum where owners can swap information on all things dog. Access helpful training tips and advice on doggy behaviour. Find a dog friendly park where their furry family can stretch their legs, and help find

forever homes for the hundreds of dogs cooped up in pounds and shelters around the nation. 

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Dog Trainer - Claire Streatfield

Claire began her dog training  journey when she started Obedience classes with her own puppy and got hooked! She quickly developed a passion for learning about what makes dogs tick, why they behave the way they do, and how we as humans can teach them to be great canine citizens and family members.


Over the next several years Claire enjoyed training her own dogs through high level Obedience classes and trying out the fun dog sports of Agility and Flyball, while learning more about the science of dog training.

She then began work as a Behavioural Trainer in a shelter, working full time with the wide range of dogs coming through the shelter addressing behavioural basics, as well as resolving problem behaviours such as jumping on people and pulling on leash, through to serious resource guarding, dog aggression and human aggression. Claire absolutely loved seeing those dogs develop into happy, confident and well behaved dogs that became valued members of loving furever families.

Claire also conducted group training training classes for the public at the shelter,. teaching core foundation skills to new owners of both puppies and adult dogs alike.

Having worked with dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds Claire understands that every dog is different, and is able to apply a range of different training techniques depending on what will work best for each individual. 

Clair is a trainer with many talents. Claire also completed a Bachelor of Science in Psychology at University of Canberra, so makes a wonderful coach for humans and dogs. Claire’s passion is working out practical solutions for your household, by giving you the knowledge and support you need to live a happy and fulfilled life with your dog.

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