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Pharaoh Hound dog attacks small Jack Russel terrier in a park during a dog walk.

Growl Class

Reactive Dog Program

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Positive first, results driven training. Building mutual trust and respect between you and your dog




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Dahna & George, New Farm

Churchill, British Bull Dog...


We have a great dog with a gorgeous temperament but there were a few things we needed to work on with him for his sake and ours.

Being a British Bulldog he is strong, stubborn and a thinker. He couldn’t understand what we were asking of him and what we were doing only seemed to make things worse.... until Shannon came along!!!!


She has helped us understand what our buddy is thinking, how he learns and the best way to manage him. With Shannon’s help we have been able to communicate our expectations and he is able to know exactly what we are asking of him.


We were starting think we had to accept the nature of the breed but Shannon’s training has totally addressed all our challenges and we now have a well behaved easy to manage member of the family.

Our buddy responded so quickly and positively to her considered and patient approach and genuine understanding of how best to train him. We loved her calm and kind manner and would recommend her to anyone. 


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A blonde female cuddles a yawning Dalmation dog .


Dog Walker at the Park

If you are a professional trainer who is looking to further develop your craft then my Shadow Program may be exactly what you are looking for. I have developed a program that I am proud of, and a training system that aims to nurture and develop the skill of the client. 

I have spent many years developing not only dog training technique, but also a clear and effective way of communicating and teaching to the client.

During the Shadow Program you will have an opportunity to;

  • Hands-on experience with our behaviour modification clients.

  • Observe multiple private lessons, and participate in group socialisation sessions.

  • Learning the key points in developing a successful training business. 

  • Dedicated time to address individual training questions and goals, and to learn the secrets behind my  training success.

  • Certificate of Completion

  • An invitation to my mentorship program

For a new trainer this hands on experience is a fantastic addition to your resume and integral to securing further work in the dog training field. Students are able to gain a real life training experience and insight into what it take to be a behavioural trainer. 

If you would like to know more register below for further information or enrolment. 

The Shadow Programs run's for five days and cost $1,999 to attend.  

(Payment Plans Available)

Places are limited to 5 students at a time and sessions fill fast.

Upcoming Dates:

21st of June & 20th of September, 2021

Shadow Program

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