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We have a great dog with a gorgeous temperament but there were a few things we needed to work on with him for his sake and ours. Being a British Bulldog he is strong, stubborn and a thinker. He couldn’t understand what we were asking of him and what we were doing only seemed to make things worse.... until Shannon came along!!!! She has helped us understand what our buddy is thinking, how he learns and the best way to manage him. With Shannon’s help we have been able to communicate our expectations and he is able to know exactly what we are asking of him. We were starting to think we had to accept the nature of the breed but Shannon’s training has totally addressed all our challenges and we now have a well behaved easy to manage member of the family. Our buddy responded so quickly and positively to her considered and patient approach and genuine understanding of how best to train him. We loved her calm and kind manner and would recommend her to anyone. 

After forking out the dollars at a well known puppy class, I ended up with a noisy, destructive, and not toilet trained dog! I loved him, but I really was not coping. Shannon showed me what to do in my own home, addressing my concerns and explained things to me in a way that I could understand (Even though I didn't want to listen at first). She showed me how dogs think and learn and I saw changes in his behaviour during our first training session.Teaching me to speak dog using body language and showing me how to makes sure he wasn't bored when I went to work. We did obedience classes at home and he is now off leash trained. We frequent Centennial Park where he encounters other dogs, people and traffic. He comes back when called, every time.     I have no  hesitation recommending Shannon as a trainer, her results speak for themselves.

Adopting a dog from the RSPCA as a pet for our two children was not what we expected at all! We found a beautiful Great Dane cross Labrador and were sure Ermie would be the perfect addition to our family. Well, once home not only was he boisterous, what we didn't know was that his previous owners were Greek and so Ermie did not understand basic commands in English. He had a mind of his own and it soon became impossible for us to walk him. He would lunge and pull on the lead, and jump up on the kids and visitors.

After just one session with Shannon we were able to walk Ermie calmly on the lead and she taught us effective ways to manage his bad behaviour. She showed us how to effectively communicate what we wanted from him by reinforcing good behaviour and setting clear rules and boundaries. We thought he was just a naughty dog before we met Shannon but now we understand that the way we interact with our dog plays a big part in determining his behaviour. Shannon we can't thank you enough!

Shannon has been an incredible dog trainer on so many levels. Not only professional, attentive, generous, hard working - she always ensures we are all on the same page and truly wants to ensure your dog is on the level you want them to be. A Furever life training is adorable and so worth it! We have a very high energy and needy 5 month old dog, Shannon has helped us train him into much better habits very quickly. If you're struggling with your dog's habits or simply want to train them to be the best they can be, we highly recommend Shannon over any dog trainer or dog school we have come across.   

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